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Statistical Process Control Program

The increasing expectations of many of our customers for superior quality, together with our desire to stay abreast of the latest innovations in the highly precision spring industry, made it essential that we adopt methods and procedures that prevent defects from occurring. To accomplish this, Monarch Spring & Mfg. Co. Inc. has installed a Statistical Process Control Program.

All upper management, Quality Control personnel, and Production Supervisors are required to attend formal Statistical Process Control training.

Quality Control Department

The Quality Control Department performs capability analysis studies on all operations and customer parts. These capability studies are reviewed and evaluated by a team composed of the Manufacturing, Engineering and Quality Control Managers.

Following the evaluation, we will start and maintain control charts for all relevant operations. We review these charts and assign causes to "out of control" conditions, so that we may improve our processes.

Commitment to Quality

We believe that this Program helps our employees and managers to understand that "quality and productivity" are not conflicting goals. We are confident that our commitment to quality through the implementation of this Program provides our clients with a superior product.

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